Huntly SNG Plant Upgrade

  • Client: Genesis Energy
  • Year: 2008-2010

The main contract, awarded to Service Engineers Limited, was to: refurbish existing LPG storage tanks and fabricate and install all associated pipework to a new vapouriser and blend air unit; and install a 3 inch x 250m long pipe run to auxiliary boiler at unit 5. Electrical work was subcontracted to Current Electrical, Wormalds supplied and installed a new deluge system, Cake Commercial was subcontracted for all paint work and Barakat Contractors subcontracted to provide security fencing around the site.


Service Engineers Limited's scope included the refurbishment of 2 LPG storage tanks and decommissioning of the entire previous LPG set up. Service Engineers fabricated and installed all pipework which totaled roughly 500m of carbon steel pipework for LPG, Synthetic Natural Gas, Compressed Air, Instrument air and Demineralised Water.  Some of the major obstacles that needed to be overcome were General Power Station works with an operational plant including live gas lines, confined space and height work. Major hazards were flammable gases, and electrical and gas hazards during excavations in the gas yard.


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