Bio-Diesel Distillation Plant

  • Client: Undisclosed
  • Year: 2016

SEL was engaged as a subcontractor to construct a multi-million dollar, purpose built, biodiesel distillation plant in South Auckland.  The plant process involves converting tallow into biodiesel which can then be blended with mineral diesel and used as motor fuel; the plant is designed to produce biodiesel through several different processes meaning that the design continually evolved throughout the construction process.

The project involved the fabrication, supply, installation and commissioning of: multiple tanks (4x with a volume of 400m3 (designed to API 650) as well as several pressure vessels constructed to AS1210); several kilometres of pipework and the installation of client supplied pumps, equipment, valves and tanks.  One of the pressure vessels constructed and installed by SEL required the construction of a purpose built four storey structural tower) as well as other structures/racks to support the site-wide pipework and equipment.

Bio Diesel Distillation Plant 1

Bio-Diesel Distillation Plant - Gallery