Mangere Digester Roof

  • Client: Watercare
  • Year: 2014

Brian Perry Civil are the Main Contractor for the construction and commissioning of an eighth digester at the Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant. The eighth digester will consist of new design and construction and has a larger tank volume than others on site. It also has a fixed, rather than floating roof.


The scope of Service Engineers contract is to design, build, install and test a purpose built, steel cover roof to suit the 32m dia shell of the new Digester 8 in accordance with the head contract and sub contract documents.


The Digester cover is a monolithic self supporting structure comprising of a number of radial rafters bolted to a central support ring fabricated from plate, and a perimeter setting ring formed from steel angle section. The segment shaped roof panels are bolted underneath the beams with mastic sealed joints providing a smooth, continuous roof surface.


The project is currently under construction and due to be completed later in 2014.

Mangere Digester No 8 (2).jpg

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