NSWWTP Pond Hydraulics

  • Client: Watercare Service Limited
  • Year: 2010

The main contract was awarded to Service Engineers Limited who subcontracted Coastline Construction Group for all civil and building work, and Current Electrical for electrical works.


The contract involoved all works required for: raising the Outlet Structure of Secondary Settling Tank No1; pipe capacity increase and flow meter installation in Lagoon 2 bypass line; and modifications to the Low Lift Pump Station to accomodate a future Lagoon operating procedure in a more energy efficient manner.


Service Engineers Limited's scope included: civil demolition; construction of concrete weir areas inside Low Lift Pump Station; the fabrication and installation of a 1300 diameter pipe spool; installation of the flow meter and building a concrete structure/tank for raising the outlet structure and associated mechanical extension for the penstocks.


The project presented challenges with confined space work, as well as having to keep the plant operational where possible. Timeframes for 'out-of-service' areas such as the Low Lift Pump Station modifications were also limited and works had to be completed quickly.  All staff working on the site had to be fully immunised against all possible diseases and infections associated with waste water treatment plants. There was also a risk of engulfment in work areas and working within confined space.

NSWWTP Pond Hydraulics.JPG