Small, rural waste water treatment sites through to major works requiring 40 metre diameter beds and flows up to 1500 cubic metres per hour can be accommodated with our Standard range of Rotary Distributors.

The "Cresset'' distributor with its unique "airlock" seal has offered even distribution and efficient rotation even under minimum head conditions since the early 1900's.

The Weir Cresset has been developed to accomodate the demands of site where flows vary largely.

The "Self Seal" distributor is a simple design which can accomodate both pumped and syphon flows.

The automatic feed "Self-Dosing" distributor has been designed specifically for small unmanned rural works where particularly low flows are experienced.

The introduction of advanced composite materials has enabled us to develop a range of low cost, low maintenance paddle wheel driven distributors incorporating open-trough arms, v-notches and spreader wings which provide extremely effective "curtain flow" distributors.

Additionally, a full range of dosing syphons are available to compliment all designs of distributor.

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