Timaru WWTP upgrade - Penstocks

  • Client: Timaru District Council
  • Year: 2012

Timaru District Council has designated a program of works, encompassing several different projects to achieve separation and treatment of industrial and domestic waste water flows. As part of this program, the Main Trunk Sewer Renewal has provided the necessary infrastructure to split and separately convey domestic and industrial waste.


Service Engineers Ltd was appointed as sub-contractor to Downer in order to fulfil the program to provide infrastructure for the new domestic waste water treatment plant. In this contract, SEL's role was to supply Penstocks, Stop-gates and Flap-gates. Altogether, Service Engineers supplied 20 items: 12 penstocks, 7 stop gates and 1 flap gate. 3 penstocks were fabricated in marine grade aluminium, while 9 were completed in 316 Stainless Steel, the remainder of the stop gates and the flap gate were fabricated in marine grade aluminium. The penstocks were supplied with frames, stainless steel rising stems and fixings, seals and actuators.




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